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Bothered by the noise or pollution of companies around you? Think high buildings, or heavy industry shouldn’t be built in your neighborhood? This is for you. Zoning 101 at the Cortland St trailer Wednesday January 26, 6 pm. Call Daniel at 973-344-5949.


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What do the Horseneck Riots of 1740-1770, have to do with Ben Franklin’s famous kite experiment?


Nothing! Except that the riots finally ended on January 9, 1770 under the governorship of Ben’s illegitimate son, Loyalist William Franklin (father and son pictured below, in happier times).


 In this corner: Newark’s settlers who purchased land from Hackensack Indians, which included formal deeds.

 In the other corner: Landowners represented by Britain’s Proprietary Government, who evict the settlers, declaring the deeds invalid.


Although  the Horseneck Riots ended in favor of the Proprietary Government…the riots were arguably the first acts of rebellion in North America against the British Crown, 30 years before the American Revolution.

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January 1, 1904. Newark’s Shade Tree Commission is established.

The Commission, according to its own Tenth Annual Report in 1914 (front cover pictured below), was to have “exclusive and absolute control and power to plant, set out, maintain, protect and care for shade trees in any of the public highways of the municipality.”

Shade tree 1

A commitment still being honored today…

large_Tree Planting in Lincoln Park 03

Go Here for Shade Tree Commission archives.

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